Amazon Coral Organic Cotton Towel

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Sea Coral
Lilac Coral Atoll
Emerald Tide
Turquoise Reef Retreat
Deep Abyssal Oasis

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If you haven't been to the Great Amazon Reef off the coast of French Guiana and northern Brazil, well.... maybe this towel will be some encouragement!! Designed while scuba diving and created by master loomer's in Turkey, this towel will help you create your own Living OnKumo Story.

We aren't sure what will dry faster...yourself or the towel.

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Customer Reviews

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Very cute and handy.

Sheila B.

Love it

Sarah G.

I am excited to use this at music festivals! When it is hot, you can use it to shield you from the sun, when it gets dark, you can use it for warmth, and any time you can use it as a blanket to lay on!

Paula K.

Absolutely love this towel! So beautiful and the size is perfect to wrap up in on the beach or after a shower. Extremely absorbent and soft. Air dry quickly even when it is moderately humid. I bought one of the “mystery bundles” and this was my favorite style both in weave and in its size. Wish the other two colors of it were still available.


i love the texture of the fabric and the color of the charcoal towel is amazing!
i originally bought this towel to use right after moving into our new place while we were still waiting on getting all of our stuff. now that we have everything i'm using is as a throw blanket on the end of my bed.


Family Owned

Each Onkumo towel is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Turkey, who have mastered their craft over generations. The result is a towel that embodies the artistry and precision of traditional weaving techniques.

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When you choose Onkumo, your towel purchase goes beyond comfort – it's a statement of support for clean water initiatives. A portion of our proceeds goes directly to, helping bring safe water and sanitation to communities in need.

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We believe in adding a touch of joy and creativity to your everyday routines. With our unique and fun towels, we bring excitement and self-expression into your life.