Gettin Jiggy With It Organic Cotton Towel

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Smoky Rythm
Ember Groove

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"Get Jiggy With It," where vibrant style meets irresistible comfort in every thread. Embrace the playful spirit of these towels, available in three lively hues. The "Raspberry Rhythm" dances with the energy of a summer melody, while "Minty Groove" brings a refreshing and cool vibe to your daily routine. Dive into the rich depths of relaxation with "Midnight Jive," a sophisticated navy blue that effortlessly blends style and comfort. Crafted with meticulous care, these towels are not just a vibrant addition to your space but a rhythmic invitation to elevate your moments with a touch of fun. Revel in the artistry of hand-loomed perfection, and let "Get Jiggy With It" become your signature style in self-indulgence.

We aren't sure what will dry faster...yourself or the towel.

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Customer Reviews

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Noreen K.

The towels are just as pretty as advertised, and super soft. They take some getting used to, if you normally use plush towels, it feels a bit different to dry off with them, but they are WAY more versatile! My only complaint is that the looser weaves tend to catch on my rings.


This mystery set of towels are perfect. Once my neighbor brought me the box it was love at first sight😊❤️

Diana P.

I bought Onkumo towels on a whim for my (young adult) kids last Christmas. All because of the commercial showing how easy it was to get the sand off on the beach! We can all relate to that. Both my kids loved the towels so much -- especially given how lightweight they are -- that i ordered another one for my son this Christmas. He loves it!

Connie L.

I like this, lovely, well made, dried quickly. Nice to have something large to wrap up in after a shower!


I purchased one towel for me, and then I liked it so much I bought four more for gifts, and then two more after that. Record me as a satisfied customer!


Family Owned

Each Onkumo towel is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Turkey, who have mastered their craft over generations. The result is a towel that embodies the artistry and precision of traditional weaving techniques.

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When you choose Onkumo, your towel purchase goes beyond comfort – it's a statement of support for clean water initiatives. A portion of our proceeds goes directly to, helping bring safe water and sanitation to communities in need.

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We believe in adding a touch of joy and creativity to your everyday routines. With our unique and fun towels, we bring excitement and self-expression into your life.